Refund Policy

Subscription Services

Payment Terms

Your subscription begins as soon as your initial payment is processed. You authorize us to store your payment method(s). Depending on the region where the member is located, the prices displayed may include sales tax, goods, and services tax or VAT; or tax may be added at checkout. We may apply some adjustments to your membership’s rate each renewal term in order to reflect the rapid exchange rate fluctuations, and we will notify you of any rate change with the option to cancel. If the applicable VAT and GST rate (or other included tax or duty) changes during your term, we will accordingly adjust the tax-inclusive price for your membership on your next billing date. If your primary payment method fails, we may suspend your subscription. You can edit your payment information anytime in your My Page. For European Economic Area customers, your bank may require you to authenticate your initial purchase using a password, a one-time code sent to your mobile number, or biometric recognition.  The price currency is displayed in USD. Langclub does not show prices in other currencies. The payment transactions will be processed in USD.

Cancellation and Refund Terms

You can cancel your subscription anytime via your My Page or by contacting Langclub Team by our official email. The refund decision shall be made until the end of the subscription. 

If you cancel your premium membership early, you will receive a prorated refund for the remaining period. Considering that the premium membership is for 30/90/180 days, we will divide the membership price by 30/90/180 days and refund you for the remaining period.

No refunds will be provided for memberships offered free of charge and for memberships of a deleted account. In principle, refunds are made to the method of payment, but refunds may be made by other means depending on the situation. The refund amount will be paid in the same currency as the initial payment. If currency conversion is required upon refund, the exchange rate at the time of the refund will be used, not the exchange rate at the time of payment. During a refund, fees for payment methods such as bank, credit card company, PayPal, etc. may be deducted and refunded. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us through Contact Us page.

Period of use, exchange, and transfer of Products

Period of use

Tickets can be used for the duration shown on the Langclub webpage from the date of purchase, and will expire after the duration shown on the Langclub webpage from the date of purchase. However, the period during which a User can use Tickets acquired by a method other than purchase is subject to conditions provided by the Company.

Exchange of Products

Tickets as flat-rate service cannot be exchanged for cash, property, and economic benefits other than services or content designated by the Company. Terms of use required for service or content exchange are determined by the Company and posted on Langclub.

Transfer of Products

A Product can only be used on the account where it was purchased and cannot be transferred to another account by any method other as recognized by the Company.


If a User is a minor (Republic of Korea: under nineteen (19) years of age) or a person with limited competence as defined under law, the consent of the User’s parents or legal representative is required to purchase any Products. If a minor purchases a Product without the consent of his/her legal representative, the minor and/or legal representative may cancel the purchase. In case a minor makes a purchase, the Company presumes that there have been the consent of his/her legal representative. However, if a minor’s purchase is made within the scope of disposable property permitted by his/her legal representative, or if the minor uses trickery, such as using payment information of an adult without consent, to cause the Company to believe that he/she is not a minor, such purchase may not be canceled even if it was made without the consent of the legal representative.