The best place to practice your English for free!

Enjoy fluency-building conversations hosted by native speakers

Enjoy fluency-building conversations hosted by native speakers

Exchange thoughts and culture with members from over 130+ countries

Exchange thoughts and culture with members from over 130+ countries

Develop English fluency in a safe and fun environment

Develop English fluency in a safe and fun environment

English learners from all over the world!

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Why is it free?

During our beta service, we decided to offer the sessions 100% free! Since our goal during this period is to receive all the feedbacks to make the better service!

However, we do appreciate donations so that we can be able to continuously offer free sessions. Click 'donate' to support us!

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5 stars
I am a new member in langclub.and hoping to have a great learning time
Hassan MadarSomalia
Hassan Madar
This platform is very supportive one allowing me to improve my personal english speaking each and every day by practcing english coversation. So How Can I find out todays session to rewatch recorded Zoom ?
Hassan MadarSomalia
Hassan Madar
I really enjoyed interacting with different english learners and students by pracricing my english skills.. I would like to thank all other learners for their participation
Very interesting and exciting to join the meeting every weekend. Increasing my confidence to talk with people around the world while practicing my English skill. Sharing opinion about the topic given, sometimes we laughed together, and it's opened my mind about people with different cultures
Hi,thank you so much, this is so helpful website. doing so much job for absoluetly is AMAZING,especially these things with videos. God bless you!
HELLO! I hope you´re all fine and in good health. I am Tavas and I am from Luanda from Angola. I really want to learn this language, therefore I am here on this platform to get better my English skills. I hope to learn a lot here and to share all my experiences about my betters ways to study English... welcome, let´s go to practice.
If you are the one who interested with practicing English speaking skill can join LANGCLUB. 😊 Langclub is like a platform or website for allow people around the world join and discuss with every topic which you interested in. Moreover, it easy to join because it has the date and time so you can book according to your convenience. In Langclub has three sessions: 1. Ice breaking 2. Main topic 3. Free talk Let’s be friend together.
Hi, I would like to make friends in this platform, Is there someone willing to talk to me, I would like to improve my English, I think this is a good place to do it. I am Colombian citizen , I like talk about wherever thing, and the most important in the life is could share experiences and lifestyle.
Hello to all, I hope you all fine and doing well with your friends. I am Feroz Bashar Dost from Afghanistan. I am the new member in this platform. I did not participate in any sessions yet. But this is one of great platform that i find in my life, because in this platform, we will have a native speaker and it will be a great opportunity to us to improve our English. Thank you
Around a year half ago, I joined this website cause my friend told me that it's giving chance for me to enhance my English-speaking skill, and open up the opportunity to meet people from different part of the world without going there. And today I am here would like to give my honest review!!. It improved a lot and I have so many friends from different skies on our beloved earth!
Welcome to all people who join this Langclub,which is amazing,I have had the chance to talk to a lot of nice people who speaks English well so useful to practice,keep pacticing languages,greetings from Peru...
CAMSouth Africa
Tutoring is going to be FUN! ☺️😊 I'm looking forward to it!!🤝🌍
Penny Lao People's Democratic Republic
23/8/15 is my first day joining this langclup. I’m really excited. I’m grateful that having this platform to help me practice English with native speakers and also people all around the world. I could say that this club is incredibly helpful.
honestly I have to say Langclub platform is so great. you help me to practice english speaking. I have ever found any partner on the media social to practice but I can not. And now I know Langclub and I've join three session, I feel that I already found my partner from you. Thank you so much. love ypu
banki abderMorocco
banki abder
Today was my first day to join this club any recomendations
javid sayyedIndia
javid sayyed
Hi....... This is my first session at LangClub , I love it I think It's an amazing and effective plate form where people from all over the world share their culture and become friends. It not only teaches you English but also how to communicate with strangers. I always dreamed of something just like this plate form and finally I got it Thank you very very much to LangClub team, and teachers and hosts. Who did great job for all
First time at LangClub, love it, everyone is so kind 10/10
YoonSouth Korea
First time attend. It was really fantastic!
it is very interesting as a language club. I want to practice everyday.
Ganie GabbasovaUnited States
Ganie Gabbasova
Hi. don`t know why , but the host removed me also from the meeting in first minute and it was my first session. I did everything by instruction . It`s no reason < It made me upset


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ㅇ A Langclub conversation session is 1 hour.

- Round 1: ice breaking (20 minutes)

- Round 2: main conversation topic (20 minutes)

- Round 3: free talk (20 minutes)

ㅇ In each round, join a small group of 3-4 people from all around the world.

ㅇ Each round has a list of discussion questions (also available on our website)

ㅇ In the small group, take turns asking and answering questions.

ㅇ After one person has answered a question, they can choose the next question from the list, and the next person to ask, and so on.

Langclub members should have an intermediate (B-level) English proficiency in order to ensure quality conversations. You can check your English level through the free Cambridge English online test.

We are welcoming community host who want to organize the session to meet our langclub members from 140+ countries. Please contact us via [email protected] for more information.

Please check our session list page to see all session times. They are all displayed in your local time zone.

Yes, each session is hosted by a licensed and certified native English teacher. And you can also meet other native speakers who participate as a member.

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