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Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is there any way to get free Premium Membership?
    Certain long-term, reliable members may apply to the Langclub Community Host Program. In exchange for hosting a session or two per week, Community Hosts are reimbursed with free Premium Membership. If you are interested in interviewing as a community host, please email [email protected].
  • What do the red numbers on some member profiles mean?
    Langclub Premium members can take an optional English speaking test to assess their estimated English level. Members who speak English at the level of B2 and above (at least upper-intermediate) may be eligible to join the Advanced Club sessions. After taking the speaking test, your English level will appear on your profile.
  • Is Langclub Free?
    Yes, you can join Langclub for free. Free members can join three sessions per week and one dictation activity each day. Premium membership offers unlimited access to all Langclub sessions, unlimited access to the dictation library, and the opportunity to join the Advanced Club and other special sessions.
  • What is the Advanced Club?
    The Advanced Club are special sessions for Langclub premium members who have an English level of B2 or above. When you join the premium program, you will have the opportunity to take a brief Language test to assess your level. The Advanced sessions have more in-depth discussions with other advanced speakers, and are a great way of improving your English at a higher level.
  • What are the YouTube sessions?
    YouTube sessions are special Langclub sessions hosted by a native English teacher in which you can interactively learn natural-sounding phrases and expressions using video clips. The sessions are made of 20 minutes of learning about the expressions and 40 minutes of conversation.
  • How can I join the session?
    All of the session times are posted in your local time zone. When you see a session that you want to join, just click “book” to register for the session. The waiting room will open 10 minutes before the session time. At that time, just click “join” button to automatically join the Zoom call!
  • How the session is done?
    Each session is hosted via Zoom. The session is one hour and is made up of three 20-minute speaking rounds. There is an Icebreaking Round, a Main Topic Round, and a Free Talk Round at the end. Please click the "join" button to be connected to a session
  • What level of English is required to join a Langclub session?
    A minimum English level of B1, or Intermediate English, is required to join a session.
  • I'd like to host a session by myself. What should I do?
    If you are an advanced speaker who wishes to host a session, please get in touch with us via our email : [email protected]
  • What time is the session?
    Session times are posted in your local time zone. Please check our session page for upcoming times.
  • Are there any native speakers in the sessions?
    Native English speakers sometimes join our sessions. However, it is our philosophy at Langclub that it is very important for learners to practice speaking with non-native speakers to simulate more realistic language situations. As in real life, participants come from all around the world to give you a well-rounded international speaking experience
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