Frequently Asked Questions

ㅇ A Langclub conversation session is 1 hour.

- Round 1: ice breaking (20 minutes)

- Round 2: main conversation topic (20 minutes)

- Round 3: free talk (20 minutes)

ㅇ In each round, join a small group of 3-4 people from all around the world.

ㅇ Each round has a list of discussion questions (also available on our website)

ㅇ In the small group, take turns asking and answering questions.

ㅇ After one person has answered a question, they can choose the next question from the list, and the next person to ask, and so on.

Langclub members should have an intermediate (B-level) English proficiency in order to ensure quality conversations. You can check your English level through the free Cambridge English online test.

We are welcoming community host who want to organize the session to meet our langclub members from 140+ countries. Please contact us via [email protected] for more information.

Please check our session list page to see all session times. They are all displayed in your local time zone.

Yes, each session is hosted by a licensed and certified native English teacher. And you can also meet other native speakers who participate as a member.

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