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10 words in English vocabulary for describing personalities

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By Tejasvi Khatri

Personality plays an important part in human behavior and influences how we engage with others and navigate our major life events. It differs for each person. In the English language there are many terms which are used to describe these personalities. Here is a list of 10 personality types and their Greek or Latin origins. Let's explore these words and learn their origins and where they come from i.e. their etymology. Additionally, there is an extra term included at the end!

1. Egoist 
Etymology: Ego (Self; Greek)

An egoist is someone who is extremely self-centered. They always put themselves first and think primarily about their own needs. Have you ever met someone who only prioritizes themselves in every situation? That's an egoist!

2. Egotist
Etymology: Ego (Self; Greek)

An egotist is a step further than an egoist. Their world revolves around them, and they constantly boast about their achievements. They seek every opportunity to highlight their greatness.

3. Narcissist 
 Etymology: From Greek mythology (Narcissus)

Narcissists are people who are obsessed with themselves. This term comes from the Greek myth of Narcissus, a handsome young man who fell in love with his own reflection, leading to his tragic end. If you know someone who can't stop admiring themselves in the mirror, they are more likely to be a narcissist.

4. Altruist
Etymology: Alter (Other; Latin)

Altruists are those rare people who always put others before themselves. They have a helpful nature and always focus on the needs of others. They are the opposites of egotists. They are making the world a better place!

5. Introvert 
Etymology: Intro (Inward; Latin) +vert (turn; Latin)

Introverts prefer solitude and their own company. They are often quiet and reserved, enjoying activities like reading or watching movies alone. They are naturally turned inwards when it comes to conversations. Are you someone who loves their own company? You might be an introvert!

6. Extrovert 
Etymology: Extro (Outward; Latin)

Extroverts rock in social settings. They love being around people, going to parties, and they will never get tired of social gatherings. They are the one who are often known to be the life of parties

7. Ambivert 
Etymology: Ambi (Both; Latin)

An ambivert is a mixture of both introvert and extrovert Most people are ambiverts. They show traits of both depending on the situation. Sometimes they enjoy socializing, while other times they prefer solitude. Do you find yourself balancing between going out and staying in? You're probably an ambivert!

8. Misanthrope 
Etymology: Misein (Hate; Greek) + Anthropos (People; Greek)

Misanthropes have a general dislike for humanity. This can come from negative experiences or feelings of betrayal. They are the people who you will find always complaining about how cruel of a place this world is. Have you ever met someone who just seems to hate everyone? They might be a misanthrope.

9. Misogynist 
Etymology: Gyne (Women; Greek)

Misogynistic people have a deep hatred for women, often due to jealousy or resentment. It’s a troubling personality trait that affects their interactions with women negatively. The word is typically used to look down on people who discriminate or think less of women.

10. Misogamist 
Etymology: Gamos (Marriage; Greek)

Misogamists despise the idea of marriage. They might be tired of societal pressures to marry and prefer to remain single. Do you know anyone who swears they'll never get married?

Bonus: Ascetic
Etymology: Asketes (Monk; Greek)

Ascetics live a life of strict self-discipline, often keep themselves away from worldly pleasures. They prefer simplicity and often live like monks. They live a life without luxuries,love or pleasures – that’s the ascetic way!

Learning about these personality types gives us a glimpse into the diverse ways people exist in this world. Which personality type do you resonate with the most ? Or have you ever encountered these traits in others?
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